Mini Travel Series: Nilan Bhotu

I went to this attractive place with @discoverpak about 3 years ago. It is about an hour’s drive from Pir Sohawa. There is a place of meditation called ‘Chilla Gah’ with crystal clear water ponds full of fish but fishing is not allowed by locals there. It is a great escape for a hot summer day. You... Continue Reading →


Mini Travel Series: Rawat Fort

Rawat Fort is only half an hour's drive from Islamabad. It was built in the early 16th century to defend Potohar plateau from the forces of King Sher Shah Suri. It takes its name from Arabic word meaning ‘an inn for caravans’. The fort has two gates. There is also a quadrangular building with a... Continue Reading →

Mini Travel Series: Takht-i-Bahi

Today on mini travel series are exotic Budhist ruins called Takht-i-Bahi located in Mardan, KPK.


This post is about my current and constant favorites. Just randomly jotting all this down. Let me know what you think about such casual posts. CONSTANTSMy All time favorite: Man: Haaris Jalal Support: Mama Art: Mom's (Shireen's studio FB page), Gulkhantruckart, Bizcreation Snack: Doritos Nacho cheeseBook: QuranFavorite Khusas/Kheris: Khusa Mahal in Liberty, LahoreKitty in the world: My Persian cat Muffin in my... Continue Reading →

Organizing Chaos – Wallet

A wallet is the most important and valuable item which we carry around with us. Regardless of our gender, we all carry a wallet with us where ever we go which is why it is pretty common for it to be lost or stolen. Most of us have misplaced it at least once in our... Continue Reading →

Recipe For The Yummiest Coffee

I love really creamy coffees. I honestly don't like coffees at cafes which you pay a heavy price for. My husband says he fell in love with me the moment he had my coffee way back in 2005. Today I am sharing this simple recipe as a lot of people asked me to do this... Continue Reading →

Content Ideas for Social Media

Digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, updates, shopping and social interaction. Now, customers are more than ever influenced by not only your ads but what the media, friends, and peers are saying about your company and brand. Now consumers have access to information through digital media on the go, anywhere and anytime.... Continue Reading →

Learning to Appreciate Criticism

Sharing a little incident from the Tennis courtsI used to get very defensive when I heard something unpleasant about me. I always took praise well but criticism with a pinch of salt. I disliked those who had nothing better to say than a comment that would infuriate me.Recently, I have started to open up and... Continue Reading →

Cure Your Sore Throat Naturally!

Last year during smog season in Lahore, I got the worst throat issues ever. That's when I did my research on what herbal remedies are good for throat and started making my own herbal tea. It worked wonders. Recently on my holiday, my voice had changed into a man's. When I returned home, the first... Continue Reading →

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